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Getting started is as simple as one, two, three:

Step One...See if you Qualify:

You may qualify for our program if you meet the following criteria:
  • You have a court order awarding you child support.
  • The absent parent is at least 60 days past due on his/her support obligation.
  • You are not receiving TANF.
  • You live in Texas.

Step Two...Sign-Up:

Qualified applicants, complete and submit the following Sign-Up Form (the information that you provide is completely confidential and places you under no obligation):

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What Texas county is your court order from?
Attorney General Case # (10 digits):
Attorney General CIN # (8 digits):
What are the ages of your child or children?
Do they live with you?  Yes    No
How much was the absent parent ordered to pay?
Has the absent parent ever paid anything?  Yes    No
How long has it been since the absent parent last paid you anything?
Approximately how much does the absent parent still owe you?
Do you know the absent parent's social security number?  Yes    No
Do you know where the absent parent lives?  Yes    No
Do you know where the absent parent works?  Yes    No    Doesn't Work
Are you receiving TANF?  Yes    No
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